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Thursday, October 21

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Experience Immersive VR with an Oculus QuestLIMITED Learning Commons 1st Grade - Round TableLIMITED Social Studies Commons 2nd Floor 2nd - 3rd Spanish Immersion - Round TableLIMITED Classroom 102 2nd Grade - Round TableLIMITED Band Room 164 3rd Grade - Round TableLIMITED Black Box Room 150 4th - 6th Spanish Immersion - Round TableLIMITED Classroom 104 4th Grade - Round TableLIMITED Math Commons 2nd Floor 5th Grade - Round TableLIMITED English Commons 1st Floor 6-12 Media Center - Round TableLIMITED Classroom 216 Elementary ESS/Inclusion - Round TableLIMITED Science 224 Elementary Media Center - Round TableLIMITED Classroom 109 High School Administration - Round TableLIMITED Classroom 220 High School Applied Tech/shop/Draft - Round TableLIMITED Classroom 110 High School Art - Round TableLIMITED Art Room Room 226A 226B High School Athletics - Round TableLIMITED Classroom 214 High School Bible - Round TableLIMITED Classroom 208 High School Computer - Round TableLIMITED Classroom 111 High School Consumer Science - Round TableLIMITED Classroom 232 High School Counselors / Social Workers - Round TableLIMITED Classroom 108 High School English - Round TableLIMITED Choir Room Room 153 High School ESS/Inclusion - Round TableLIMITED Classroom 101 High School History / Social Studies - Round TableLIMITED Science 225 High School Math - Round TableLIMITED Orchestra Room 156 High School Music - Round TableLIMITED Classroom 221 High School Physical Education - Round TableLIMITED Classroom 207 High School Science - Round TableLIMITED Science Room 119 High School World Language & Immersion - Round TableLIMITED Science 223 K-8 Administration - Round TableLIMITED Science 118 K-8 Art - Round TableLIMITED Classroom 213 K-8 Computer - Round TableLIMITED Classroom 217 K-8 Counselors/Social Workers - Round TableLIMITED Classroom 107 K-8 Curriculum Directors - Round TableLIMITED Learning Commons K-8 Music - Round TableLIMITED Classroom 211 K-8 Physical Education - Round TableLIMITED Classroom 212 Kindergarten - Round TableLIMITED Garage Room 222 Mandarin - Round TableLIMITED Classroom 215 Middle School Bible - Round TableLIMITED Classroom 116 Middle School English - Round TableFILLING Classroom 114 Middle School ESS - Round TableLIMITED Classroom 205 Middle School History / Social Studies - Round TableFILLING Classroom 206 Middle School Math - Round TableFILLING Classroom 112 Middle School Science - Round TableFILLING Classroom 113 Middle School World Language - Round TableLIMITED Classroom 210 PK - 1st Spanish Immersion - Round TableLIMITED Classroom 103 Preschool - Round TableLIMITED Language Commons 1st Floor

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Cancelled - Teaching in Space and Time: How your Semester Tells a StoryLIMITED Math Commons 2nd Floor ZCS and HCS Secondary Math DepartmentLIMITED Classroom 221 5 Awesome Techie Tools for Easily Creating Your Formative AssessmentsLIMITED Social Studies Commons 2nd Floor Asthmatic Students In Your Classroom And On The CourtLIMITED Science 118 Beyond Stewardship: New Approaches to Creation CareLIMITED Band Room 164 Book Buzz: Grades 3-6LIMITED Auditorium in the Center for Arts & Worship Building Trust With StudentsLIMITED Orchestra Room 156 Challenge Accepted: Deeper Learning in the Mathematics ClassroomFILLING Science 223 Choral Repertoire for SuccessLIMITED Choir Room Room 153 Conflict as a Gift: An Introduction to the Colossian WayLIMITED Garage Room 222 Don't Forget to Go Outside!LIMITED Meet at the Staircase, then go outside Everybody’s Got a Hungry Heart: Christian Education as a Tool to Shape Students’ LongingsFILLING Science Room 119 Everything PLC - Transforming Your School or Teacher Team TodayLIMITED Classroom 220 Google Keep - Google's Amazing Task and Notes AppLIMITED Language Commons 1st Floor On The Same Page: Creating a Curriculum Calendar You'll LoveLIMITED English Commons 1st Floor One Student is Lying - How to Find OutFULL Black Box Room 150 PE Tips & Tricks: The Importance of Self-AssessmentLIMITED Classroom 109 Starting a One Book One Community/School Program: What? Why? How?LIMITED Science 224 Teacher Certification in MichiganLIMITED Classroom 107 Why Do They Come - or not?LIMITED Science 225

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Friday, October 22

8:00am EDT

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